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headshot of business owner Danielle posing with one hand to her chin

Hello! I’m Danielle Lindstrom, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and aspiring entrepreneur. I come from Cle Elum, a small town east of Snoqualmie Pass. I have been a Massage Therapist since graduating from Bellevue Massage School in 2016. In 2022 I wanted to take the steps toward being my own boss and founded Botanabliss. Botanabliss is a company focused on integrating treatment techniques and tools, with relaxation using a variety of modalities that can be adapted to get your body the best benefit to reach its goals! My go-to intake  is "Do you want to relax, or work it out? It's ok if you want a little of both!"


While in the spa setting, I have worked with a variety of products, particularly more popular being Cannabis. THC free Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has become a spa staple.

With Botanabliss I wanted to be able to use and believe in any products that may be used. Knowing CBD would be a necessary option I believe in offering for all services, it was an easy choice to create my own CBD formula for facilitating musculoskeletal and skin wellness.

Botanabliss CBD Salves focus on aiding most healing processes(Learn More). When creating this product I wanted it to be great for massages, but also beneficial in tattoo recovery as that is one of my favorite forms of self expression. After much research and trial an error, I have created a formula great for your aches and pains AND the raw healing process of new tattoos.   

Ask about incorporating the Botanabliss CBD Salve into your next massage! Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment! Join me as I’m excited to share this next chapter with those around me. 

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